The WWE GIF’s Of Gaming!

in News - February 13, 2015

Gaming is a serious sport! You battle villains, play sports in the big leagues and quest through new worlds! It’s pretty tough and emotions can run high, the WWE stars clearly know the true highs and lows of gaming, check it out!

They know the patience required for loading screens!

giphyAnd the epic feeling of a gaming marathon!

giphy (1)IT’S AWESOME!

giphy (2)Until you realize you forgot to save last time!

giphy (3)Seriously, the rage is real!

giphy (4)Sometimes the game betrays you and gets glitchy with it!

giphy (6)Sometimes the glitch causes you to lose the game…

giphy (7)But multi-player is 110% epic!

giphy (5)You can order pizza and make it an intense gaming marathon!

giphy (12)And feel like a total boss when you open a can of win!

giphy (13)It’s okay to take losing badly…

giphy (17)Just don’t take it this badly…

giphy (16)And definitely don’t be the guy that’s shocked he died and lost!

giphy (15)It always better to just brush it off…

giphy (8)And have fun!

giphy (18)

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