The 9 People You Meet At Xmas…

in News - December 19, 2014

The people that want to sleep past 7am… and the people that don’t!

giphy (2)

The relative that wants to kiss you… ON THE MOUTH.

giphy (1)

The guy that is waaay too excited!

giphy (3)

The guy that is not excited nor enthused.

giphy (4)

The terrible present giver!

“It’s okay, I didn’t want that PS4 anyway…”

giphy (5)

The awesome present giver!

giphy (7)

The slow present opener…

giphy (9)

The guy who is here for the food, just the food!

giphy (10)

The guy who had too many Brussels sprouts at Xmas Lunch!


Here at 110% Gaming we hope you have an awesome Xmas and an epic New Year!

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