The 10 Gamers You’ll Meet In Multiplayer!

in News - October 24, 2014

Gaming can bring people together, and here’s some gamers you’re bound to have played with!

The Chilled Guy

He doesn’t care about winning, he just wants to have fun… and nap!


The Over-Competitive Guy

A seriously sore loser and an even worse winner!

why you mad

The Intense Guy

He silently plays the games with his death stare on the TV.

intense win

The Always Angry Guy

He really needs some help, this type of anger isn’t normal over a green shell.

giphy (36)

The No Idea What He’s Doing Guy

He’s not really a gamer, he just wanted to be involved… He loses. A LOT!


The Over Organizing Guy

He tries to organize the night with a well balanced list of games at thirty minute intervals…nah

The Guy Who’s There For The Snacks

You’re always having to pause the game for pizza with this guy around.

giphy (1)

The Guy Who Cheats

He’s so sneaky and knows everything about how to beat you!

giphy (46)

The Hilarious Guy

He’s here for a laugh and to have fun. He does not mix well with intense, angry or over-competitive guy!

giphy (27)

The Guy Who Only Wants To Play FIFA

He’s here to play FIFA. He wants to talk about FIFA and he’s not happy till there is FIFA! FIFA!

giphy (38)

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