Splatoon Amiibo – Mini Review!

in News - July 14, 2015

We’re still crazy about Splatoon – it really is so good! When we reviewed it we gave it 9 out of 10. So when we recently picked up the Splatoon amiibo, we had to tell you about how cool they are!

When you place an amiibo figure on the Wii U gamepad you’ll unlock a bunch challenges in the game. Our fave is the the inkling girl who unlocks 15 challenges, based off some of the single-player levels in the game.

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[/slider]You earn coins for every challenge you complete, which can be used to buy new outfits and weapons. After complete a group of challenges who will also unlock some cool bonus outfits. Plus, every amiibo unlocks some cool retro game levels to play on for free – result!

If you’re a Splatoon or amiibo fan, we defo recommend picking these up today!