Mario Party 10 Gets REVIEWED!

in Reviews - March 23, 2015

Mario Party 10 adds amiibo boards, new Wii U gamepad mode and special power tokens this year, but what’s it really got beneath the hood?

If you’ve not played the series before, Mario Party is a board game where you earn dice by playing mini-games between each roll. It’s really easy to pick up and is totally bonkers fun the more friends you have to play with!

Up to four players grab a Wii Remote, choose their favourite Nintendo character and take it in turns to progress around the board. As you make your way round you can collect different special items that help or hinder you and some boards have themed achievements.

Mario Party 10 adds in some new twists to all this. There are special dice you can roll that are numbered only four to six or one to three, there are new player tokens to earn and you can also team up to battle Bowser.

The mini-games are the main event here and keep things short and sweet. Some might want a bit more to do, but because they are short and fun you always want to try another one.

A big change this year are the amiibo boards. Placing one of your Mario Party amiibo on the Wii U gamepad brings them into the game and some related amiibo themed boards to play on. As you play you can store special tokens in your amiibo figurine ready to pull out at just the right moment to take the lead.


Another nice new touch is being able to have one-player control Bowser with the Wii U game-pad and try to take down the other three players in the mini-games. Playing as the bad guy adds some more fun to the action. The Wii U gamepad is also used in most of the other mini-games in different ways. Some use the touch screen or motion sensing while others make use of the microphone.

The game looks really good. Each character has had a fresh coat of paint and the boards really pop with bright colours and special effects. This is all backed by a bright and breezy soundtrack.

While this is essentially the same basic idea as other Mario Party games, there is a lot of different fun ideas packed in this year. Along with the support for your Amiibo characters and the Wii U gamepad controls, Mario Party 10 is another strong addition to the series.

And The Result

The Good
  • Amiibo support.
  • Play as Bowser.
  • Special token tactics.
The Bad
  • Simliar to previous Mario Party games.
  • Mini-games are super mini.
  • You need to purchase Amiibo to make the most of the game.
Our Score 8

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