Just Dance 2015 Review

in Reviews - December 5, 2014

Just Dance 2015 is back again this year with new songs and moves to get us all grooving along. But just because it makes mum and dad look funny when they try and dance doesn’t make it a good video-game. We want to know what Just Dance 2015 really has to offer gamers.

It’s hard to believe that this is the sixth game in the Just Dance series, it’s been around for a long time! This year there are some new features as well as returning favourite modes.

One new feature is the “Community Remix” mode where the game shows dance videos from other players to dance to. You can even choose to share your own moves to impress others with your Kinect of PlayStation camera. Returning modes also include “World Dancefloor” and “Autodance” that have been popular in the past,

These are all great but Just Dance still doesn’t have a difficulty setting. This would have been top on our list. That way both little brothers and older sisters could enjoy the game. As it stands it’s easy enough for most people to pick up and play but doesn’t offer a real challenge like Dance Central.

Players score points by moving in time with the on screen dancers. If you match their moves exactly you are awarded a “Perfect” for more points. The game controls are different for each of the console versions.

Just Dance with the Family

On Xbox One and 360 you can use the Kinect camera to dance hands-free with up to 6 people. On the PlayStation you can use the PlayStation Eye camera or Move controllers to dance — which is nice because they light up different colours in time with the music. On the Wii you use the Wii remotes. You can even use your mobile phone as a controller in some versions and there’s a Just Dance Now app that let’s you play with just a computer and a bunch of smartphones.

Music tracks include Burn from Ellie Goulding, It’s My Birthday from Will.i.am and even Walk This Way buy Run DMC — that should keep dad happy.

If you are looking for a fun way to get into dancing that isn’t too difficult then Just Dance 2015 is a lot of fun. The scoring can be a bit hit and miss sometimes but this won’t stop you getting loads of laughs and enjoyment from the game.

And The Result

The Good
  • Out on every system, even the Wii.
  • Anyone can join in and dance.
  • Great songs and cool moves.
The Bad
  • Sometimes vauge scoring.
  • Seeing mum and dad dance.
  • No difficulty setting.
Our Score 7

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