Angry Birds Transformers Review

in Reviews - October 31, 2014

Angry Birds Transformers blends robots, shooting, birds and pigs perfectly, but has this mobile game really got legs?

While Transformers has been all about blockbuster movie releases of late, the toys and cartoons go right back to when your parents were kids — a long time! This history means Angry Birds Transformers has oodles of characters and locations to draw on. But this is not Transformers as you know them, each appears in bird or pig form.

Angry Birds Transfomers is free to play on most tablet or smartphone devices. In a nut shell, it’s a lot of simple addictive tapping fun, perfect for long car journeys.

You pick your character and then shoot your way through a side scrolling level to get to the end and be whisked away by Astro Train. To shoot you just tap on the screen and target either enemies of the towers they are sitting on.

As you progress more levels and characters are unlocked. Here’s the clever bit though, you can also buy toys that  work in the game a little like Skylanders or Disney Infinity. Each of the Angry Birds Telepods toy set comes with one or two mini Transformers that when placed on your iOS or Android tablet’s camera they are unlocked in the game.

It’s a nice touch, but better still the Telepod packs come with car tracks to fire your Transformers along in a real world racing action. The Optimus Prime Raceway for example pits two Transformers against each other to get through a narrow gate. Get there second are you are sent flying from the track.

The game does have in-app purchases, but these are restricted to faster upgrades rather than buying characters as in other games. While you can play the game without spending any money this means you sometimes have to wait for upgrades or play more levels to earn coins to unlock items. Some players have reported a gem glitch that has gifted them millions of Gems for upgrades, while it’s likely this will be patched soon it’s very nice when it happens.

Angry Birds Transformers is great new addition to Rovio’s nest of games, if you like tapping, shooting and transforming give it a try.

Angry Birds Transformers is available to download on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

And The Result

The Good
  • Free to play.
  • Real transforming toys.
  • Georgeous graphics.
The Bad
  • In-App Purchases.
  • No multi-player.
  • No bird flinging.
Our Score 8

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