3DS Fantasy Life Review!

in Reviews - February 23, 2015

Are you a 110% Animal Crossing fan? Then you’ll LOVE Fantasy Life for 3DS! With a strong story throughout and loads of different story options there’s tons to do, including chatting with in-game characters, designing your own house and filling your inventory with loads of different collectibles.

It sounds totally awesome but does it deliver!?

Fantasy Life is a RPG developed by Level-5 (The guys who made Professor Layton) Set in the fantasy world of Reveria there are tons off different locations to explore including cities, grasslands and mountains. When the peace is shattered by a meteorite, a chain of events are put in motion and an ancient prophecy is revealed!

You are tasked with investigating these strange occurrences with the help of a magical glowing butterfly called Flutter – WEIRD!

Whilst in game you switch focus between your chosen career and solving the mystery of the meteorites! There are loads of cool Life classes to complete and heaps of development tasks.

Fantasy Life

Fighting monsters is a key part to progressing through the ranks and earning ALL the money! Depending on the role you chose, you will progress differently. If you are an Alchemist you can use potions, if you are a Paladin, direct attacks are best or if you are an Archer you will use ranged attacks.

There are a total of twelve life careers to choose from and each has a Life Master who will guide you through and help you rank up. Each rank grants the player new abilities and those precious stat points. Our favourite careers were definitely Angler, Cook, Hunter and Miner.

You can also talk to Flutter to move the story on to the next stage which means the game is set at a good pace that you control.

Fantasy Life looks great with detailed visuals and a real sense of style. Occasionally you are treated to cartoon cut-scenes that moves the story forwards, and if you’re a Professor Layton fan – you’ll LOVE it!

However with a lot going on in this game, it can get confusing! With so much to do all the time it’s hard to know where to start or what to do next. The careers are a great addition but it can feel like you are just wasting time to level up. If you get bored with your career path you have to start from scratch, which is pretty annoying!

BUT, this game is pretty fun and there’s enough action to keep you entertained.

If you wanted more direction from Animal Crossing then this game is a great choice for you!

Fantasy Life combines the best of classic role play games with a twist of Animal Crossing and the style of Professor Layton.

And The Result

The Good
  • Loads of different careers!
  • Fun open world!
  • Looks amazing!
The Bad
  • Progress can take ages.
  • You need to pick a career you like.
  • It's hard to focus on one thing.
Our Score 8

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